Parameters Other pdts available in market Sargasol
Contains Gibberellic acid alone Contains all plant nutrients, Gibberellic acid, and other
auxins and protein hydrolyzes.
Sargasol Is more complete in terms of crop nutrition and
Solvent Ethanol, GA is alcohol soluble Does not contain Ethanol and GA is water soluble. Possibly
the only product in the industry with water soluble GA for
easy and fast absorption by the crops.
Most products being ethanol based (upto 60%) pose fire
hazard and chances of leaf burn on sunny days are more.
Compatibility with other pesticides Selectively compatible and not to be mixed with compounds
that oxidises
High compatible with all pesticides except that contains Ca More easy to apply with other pesticides.
Effect on the crop Enhances only vegetative growth Increases not only vegetative growth but also increases
yield by bud breaking, higher flowering and fruit set.The yield quality is also better in Sargasol treated
Sargasol contains all essential plant nutrients and phyto
Hazardous nature More hazardous Less hazardous
Organic / In organic Ethanol residue on the soil, plants and in air, which is
Since it is based on seaweeds, residue is not toxic and
safe to environment.
No waiting period for Sargasol.
Chances of correcting nutritional disorders Not possible Possible to correct major, secondary and minor nutritional
Sargasol contains even micro / trace elements for balanced
nutrition of the crops.
Active ingredient Gibberellic Acid – GA crystals are added in Ethanol GA is synthesized biologically and stabilised in Seaweed
Sargasol is more complete in terms of Nutrition and
phytohormone requirements.