Raw Material – Sargassum Seaweed enriched with essential nutrients and Gibberellic acid. Sargasol is a premium class liquid fertiliser which is an organically synthesised formulation in a seaweed base called Sargassum (Brown Algae) which contains growth promoting hormones like auxins, cytokinens, gibberellins, protein hydrolysate and chelated micro elements. It is made from seaweed extract and has natural proteins, phytohormones and is fortified with essential nutrients. The natural amino acids present in the seaweed extract provide the much-needed protein precursor to promote the growth.

How does it work ?


The phytohormones present in Sargasol works in tandem with existing growth factors in the plant system and stimulate active growth.

  • The active ingredients in Sargasol influence cell enlargement, division and elongation.
  • Sargasol helps moderate the hormonal and enzyme balance of the plants to ensure enhanced nutrient uptake from the soil.
  • The growth factors in Sargasol ensure uninterrupted protein synthesis to augment growth of active tissues mainly apical meristem (growing tip).

Typical Analysis

N P K S Ca Mg Na Fe Mn Zn Manitol Cytokinin Alginic Acid Total Proteins Total Amino Acids Total Organic Matter Cu B Molybdenum pH
3.59 0.19 0.31 3.76 0.15 0.77 0.39 0.60 0.68 1.49 0.44 0.00 0.00 22.45 11.31 60.81 0.41 141.00 13.00 3.20


Improves vegetative growth of plants
Increases metabolic efficiency and enhances the nutrient uptake for balanced growth.
Increases flower and fruit production.
Reduced flower fall and immature fruit fall through hormonal balance.
Increases the quality of the produce significantly.
Enables plants to recover from biotic and abiotic stress. Plants recover faster after pest attacks, flood or relocation stress.
Biodegradable and ecofriendly.