TRIO – Raw material- Lignite and Peat – Potassium Humate , Amino and Fulvic Acid.<br /> TRIO is a liquid fertiliser which comprises of an organic formulation containing Essential Organic Acids (EOA) . It is made from Lignite and Peat which contains potassium humate and Fulvic acid complexes . TRIO contains the most essential organic acids like Fulvic acid, Humic acid and Amino acids that are required for establishment and acceleration of plant growth. It is an ideal product that could be introduced in early stage growth as it promotes healthy and balanced establishment of roots of young plants.

How does it work ?

  • The carboxylate and phenolate groups of Humic and Fulvic acids improve absorption and translocation of essential nutrients for faster assimilation and growth
  • The amino acids in TRIO are the fundamental ingredients in protein synthesis and this ready supply enables faster assimilation through enhanced photosynthetic process.
  • The humic and Fulvic acids improves cell membrane permeability which hastens cell growth and division.
  • The humic acid maintains the hydric balance of cells improving shock resistance.
  • TRIO when applied as soil drenching improves soil structure through addition of much needed organic acids for formation of Humus and increases soil microbial activity to create a favourable root zone for faster establishment of younger plants.



Promotes growth by activating metabolic processes of the plant.
Increases the nutrient uptake through improvements in root development
Accelerates vegetation, flowering, fruiting due to instant supply of amino acids.
Increases the yield and quality of produce due to Hydric properties of the organic acids.
Imparts tolerance to draught and other metabolic stresses.
Bio degradable, ecofriendly and nontoxic to plants and environment.

Typical Analysis

Humic Acid Total Amino Acid pH Specific Gravity Solubility
13.74 4.68 6.81 1.01 Fully Soluble in water