Growing your own fruit and veggies means you have control of what you are producing. Besides the thrill of growing your own produce, we don’t have to worry about chemical residues  and this is only the beginning of the many benefits.

The use of natural organic fertilisers means plants are given a complete food source which contains a range of macro and micro nutrients which are not commonly found in synthetic fertilisers in a complete form.  It’s a bit like eating a real banana rather than taking banana powder or tablet which contains banana – you obviously get more with the whole banana. When plants are only given a narrow range of nutrients their fruit naturally lacks the nutrition.

When plants are attacked by pests or disease they switch on defence mechanisms and some of these include changing the chemical composition of their tissue to fight off the attack.  If the plant grows organically, it produces increased quantity of molecules and nutritionally rich produce rich in antioxidants.  Plants which are sprayed with systemic insecticides and fungicides have less need to switch on these defences with the resulting produce being less good for us.

And being organically grown you never have to worry about when you last sprayed and if it safe to eat !

Where to start?

Start your LAND PREPARATION with SOIL BUDDY ; the All in one Soil Amendment Solution “

You will never have to worry about Fungus Gnats and Soil pathogens and your soil receives improved aeration, water and nutrient holding capacity and slow release of nutrients consistently besides promoting soil microbial activity.

Enriching Roots – TriO – the power of essential organic amino acids, fulvic acid and humic acid to help your plant roots establish strongly in soil.

 Feeding Growth and promoting Bountiful Yields : Sargasol – A Biological formulation from seaweed enriched with plant growth hormones and trace elements, fortified with amino acids and essential nutrients which promotes more crop per drop.

Healthy soils are vital elements  for healthy plant growth. You might be amazed to know that soil is nothing but a team of billions of bacteria, fungi , and other microbes that are the foundation to an elegant eco system. It contains living organisms and if you provide that with the basic necessities of life, like food, shelter and water, it performs functions that are required to produce amazing food and fibre.

What is humus and what are its functions in soil ?

An organic compound that is formed by decomposition of leaves, microorganisms which provides the nutrients to the soil.

Humus is extremely important to the fertility of soils in both a physical and chemical sense. Humus is highly nutritious and rich in minerals and microbes  and is vital for healthy plant growth. Humus allows soil organisms to feed and reproduce, and is often described as the “life-force” of the soil.. Humus is able to hold 80-90 per cent of its own weight in moisture.

Importance of CN ratio in soil :

The C:N ratio put simply is the mass of carbon to the mass of nitrogen and serves as a tool to understand the organic matter in your soil.

While it takes thousands of years for the earths forces to build good soil, by using natural products and soil conditioners you can create a fertile soil that contain quality humus  and increased C: N ratio.