How does it work ?

The Neem bitters present in Soil Buddy also protect the roots from soil borne insects and pathogens. The C:N ratio of Soil Buddy also enables faster degradation in soil to form Humus which improves the fertility and productivity of soil.


Soil Buddy is a natural product made from Neem seed cake which is absolutely non-toxic , 100% bio degradable and environmentally friendly.
The nutrients present in Soil Buddy supports plant growth for a prolonged period due to its slow release nature.
Soil Buddy is in coarse powder form, enabling faster mixing in soil and faster decomposition to Humus.
Increases soil microbial activity at root zone thereby helping uptake of native nutrients or any added nutrients.
Can be used with all types of fertilizers or nutrient supplements.
Soil Buddy is harmless to beneficial organisms like earthworms and beneficial microorganisms in the soil.

Neem seed cake can also reduce alkalinity in the soil by producing organic acids when mixed with the soil. The calcium and magnesium present in Neem cake also aid in removing alkalinity.

Good soil fertility means good crop yields. Preventing the loss of plant nutrients from an ecosystem is important for soil-fertility management. Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (N,P,K) are the three major elements which determine soil fertility and should be ideally present in 4:2:1 ratio; aberrations affect fertility and therefore crop yield.


Mn Zn Cu N P K Na Ca Mg Fe Total Organic Matter C:N Ratio Moisture Ph
27 17 9 2.16 0.52 1.04 0.24 0.49 0.3 0.13 44.27 20.49 9.38 5.85