For increase in field establishment and subsequent yield, it is recommended to use TRIO, as it is a formulation of Essential Organic Acids. It is made from Lignite and Peat which contains high quality Potassium Humate,  Fulvic Acid and Amino Acid compounds.

 These essential compounds help the plants in the early growth phase.  The humic and fulvic compounds increases the root growth, cell wall permeability for nutrient movements, and manage hydric balance in plant system.

The amino compounds quicken protein synthesis and growth.  It is ideal to use this during the early state of the crop to activate  vegetative phase, to retain the population density in the land as well as to increase the yield assimilation.


Neem cake Organic soil conditioner

recommended usage during soil preparation at the start of new season.

Soil Buddy supplies the much-needed nutrients to the crops and prevents loss of applied nutrients from soil and ensures slow release to the crops.

Soil Buddy improves the soil physical and chemical properties and promotes the growth of beneficial microbes in the root zone and protects the roots from pathogenic microbes, Root Knot Nematodes and Root Rot pathogens and gives the plant much needed immunity to deal with any further pests during the vegetative and fruit bearing stages.




Sargasol for Grape Production in WA

Sargasol is a wonderful seaweed based liquid fertilizer containing all essential nutrient plant nutrient elements like N,P,K, Ca, Mg, S, Fe, Cu, Zn, Mn, Mo and Bo in an easily absorbable forms.   Since the base of the formulation is from Seaweed extracts, Sargasol also contains highly required growth promoting substances like Auxins, Gibberellins, Cytokines, Enzyme Precursors and Protein Hydrolysates.  Thus providing dual benefits of crop nutrition and increased metabolic efficiency to produce higher yield of superior quality of fruits.

Sargasol when sprayed as an aqueous solution, is absorbed effectively in the vascular system through stomata opening, lenticels and cuticular fissions on the plants.  Sargasol acts synergistically with phytohormones in the plant system to accelerate metabolism and growth function of the cells. Sargasol improves physiological efficiency of Grapes by supplying major and trace nutrient elements while stimulating hormonal and enzymatic activities to increase the nutrient uptake & use efficiency.

Sargasol contains the following nutrient elements that contribute to various growth promoting and yield increasing process of Grapes.

Nutrient element Content Effect on Grapes


Nitrogen 3.18% w/w Increases shoot growth during spring and reduces
premature leaf fall during autumn. Initiates the
production of inflorescence, berry growth and fruit
Phosphorus 0.38 % w/w Essential for the development of cell membranes and
genetic material. Required for carbon dioxide fixation,
sugar metabolism. Storage and transfer of energy.Proper and profuse root growth for better
Potassium 0.54 % w/w Essential component of cell vacuoles, promotes protein
synthesis. Ensures proper stomatal function and water
balance. Berry size optimisation and ripening process.
Contributes to yield enhancement.
Calcium 0.13 % w/w Essential for proper cell wall structure and part of
various enzymatic processes. Reduces physiological
disorders like bunch stemNecrosis and the skin strength of berries.
Magnesium 0.68 % w/w Essential component of chlorophyll molecules and
required for proper metabolism of the plant. Favourably
influences fruit formation and berry ripening.
Sulphur 3.33 % w/w Essential component of amino acids, proteins, vitamins,
enzymes and chlorophyll molecules.
Iron 0.531 % w/w Essential for chlorophyll synthesis and photosynthetic
and respiratory processes. Prevents premature leaf fall
in autumn
Copper 0.361 % w/w Essential for oxidation enzymes, chlorophyll synthesis
and lignin formation. Influences berry maturation.
Zinc 1.32 % w/w Essential for cell metabolism, chloroplast development,
hormone synthesis and pollination. Influences fruit set
and intermodal elongation for promote growth.
Manganese 0.60 % w/w Essential for chlorophyll synthesis and as a metabolic
catalyst in assimilation of carbohydrates.
Molybdenum 13 ppm Essential to convert nitrates for protein synthesis and
for flowerFunctionality. Increases fruit set and prevents berry
Boron 141 ppm Required for the synthesis of growth hormones, movement
of sugars, pollen germination and pollen tube growth.
Influences fruit maturation and fruit set.
Protein 19.87 % w/w Protein as hydrolyse hastens protein synthesis and
accelerates growth of fruit bearing branches and

The phytohormones present in the formulation also contributes significantly in the yield and quality of the fruits.

Name of growth promoting substances present Benefits on the crop



Cell elongation

Increased uptake and use of nutrients

Growth promotion

Initiation of inflorescence and flowers

Fruit formation

Prevention of flower and fruit fall

Significant increase in yield and

Superior quality of the fruits produced.

Time of application:
1st Time: 2 weeks after pruning
2nd Time: one week after panicle formation.

Dosage of application:
3 ml per litre of water.

Method of application:
Mix Sargasol in the ratio of 3 ml / 1 lt of water and spray on the wines to ensure compete wetting of the surface of the plant. Ensure to apply on the under surface of the leaves also for better results.
If rain occurs within 6 hours of application, repeat the spray. Spray during early morning or late evening times when wind velocity is low.

Sargasol can be mixed and applied with any pesticides, fungicide or fertilizer; except the ones containing Calcium